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Critical competences to become a Leader in Business Organisations

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon, 22 09 2021

Business organisation consists of three core processes: strategy, people and operation. One must know all these three branches and synchronize them to perform well in business.

As an invidudual, if those who want to be considered as leaders in near future, they must conquer four essential groups of competences: functional skills, bussiness skills, management skills, and leadership skills.

For instance, if one want to become a HR executive, he must have technical HR know-how such as staffing, training, compensation and regulations related to employee retirement income.

He also needs to know the business, how does the company make money, knowing the inside and outside of the business.

He must be able to manage as well. For example, he can do works as planning, organizing, directing and controlling tasks and projects.

Finally, leadership skills are important, otherwise it is hard to lead a company. Things such as influence subordinates to buy-in strategy, energize them to work enthusiasitacally, collaborate cross function departments, coach and develop people competences.

Having said that, those who espire to be a leader in Business should invest their time and effort accordingly to develop and hone these competences. Gaining real world experiences and having great mentors are vital. 

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