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Education serves human well-being

Viết bởi: Lê Quốc Chơn, 02 06 2020


  • Our body needs quality air, water, good and enough food to function properly.
  • We need physical exercise to maintain healthy body and mind.
  • We need good and enough sleep.
  • We cannot afford too much stress in life (personal life and professional life)


  • We need emotional support from family, friends, colleagues and others.
  • We want to be respected and treated well by others.


  • We want a meaningful life for this short existence on earth. Majority of us chase social recognition (from family, friends, communities, society as a whole) or fame through doing useful things for others. It means we want to do something that is important and impactful positively to others so that society will recognize and honor us as a special member.
  • Another option is that one must be happy with oneself needless worrying about recognition from others. One must serve others to survive, though. I do not believe, however, that this way of life suits many people.


In fact, these needs blend with one another, and if most of them are met, we have a happy life.

So, what education can do to help people happy? Education fulfils many things, it helps people understand themselves, understand human being as an individual and a community. Education broadens people view and see the rich network of interdependence among us. If we, teachers and parents, shoulder responsibility correctly, we can help students know how to take care of themselves and take care of society. Most importantly, we should encourage students strive for a meaningful life through doing great things, making this world a better place to live. Life is truly exciting if we embrace great service to others as the most significant mission.

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