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Full time studying at Oxford: 40 hours per week

Viết bởi: www.ox.ac.uk, 07 04 2020

Workload: how busy will you be?

All our undergraduate courses are full-time, and on average our students spend around 40 hours a week studying. Every student will manage their time differently, making sure they can fit in all their studies, hobbies and interests. Learning how to juggle all your commitments is an important part of managing your time.

Studying independently


As an Oxford student you will be expected to spend a good proportion of your 40 hour week studying independently. 

Every course involves slightly different independent study, but the basic principle is the same no matter what you study. Around your tutorials, lectures, seminars, labs, or other classes, you'll be expected to do your own research, usually by going through a given reading list. In this way, you will develop your knowledge and understanding in order to work your way through problem sheets or complete an essay. At your following tutorial your tutor will feedback to you on the work which you present. Sometimes, you will be expected to hand this in in advance of your tutorial or you may be asked to take it along at the time.

Students are expected to manage time effectively. Click Here to learn how to manage time.

Source: http://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/undergraduate/student-life/exceptional-education/personalised-learning
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