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Harness the subconscious for a better life

Viết bởi: Lê Quốc Chơn, 17 06 2020

We all have limited amount of time to execute the to-do-list. We work daily 8 hours, sleep 8 hours, and engage in other activities 8 hours.

Assuming that we all work hard and smartly 8 hours every day; why some are very successful whereas others are less. In my opinion, the amount of time we devote to our work is critical. The quality of our work is paramount as well, but let’s put that aside for the moment.

If 8 hours of hard work is not enough, then how can we increase the working time without reducing other significant activities’ such as sleeping, exercising, and taking care of our children? It is the subconscious that we must harness.

In my experience, if I care deeply about a problem, this problem constantly appears in my mind even though I am walking, running and doing routine housework. It means the mind keeps searching solutions without demanding mental effort. According to classical creativity theory, our mind works non-stop for us until a solution emerges. This characteristic of our brain is compatible with the evolution theory; it adapts to our survival needs.

This is true. If you believe it, try it. Since the trial does not cost much investment except that you ought to focus intensively on your worthy problem. It also means we must weed out distraction, saying NO to a myriad of things every single day.

Lifetime is short, we should learn to use it wisely.

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