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How do we make money?

Viết bởi: Lê Quốc Chơn, 02 06 2020

I am not a guru whose population is as numerous as bacteria. I just want to share my belief about doing great service and make some money as a way to lead a life. Please don’t criticize me for I am learning, too.

We all have responsibilities in life, taking care of ourselves and our family are typical examples. And we need money to do so. But chasing money to fulfil that duty should not be considered as the utmost important task in life. We ought to target to bring great services to human being and enjoy our effort a long the way. Money will come if we serve people well. Minding that delivering great service is an art and science combined, and great services are always costly.

What specific service you are able to offer?

At the beginning, check your core competences and other resources that you have been amassing. Then, following these steps:

First, observe around in society, where and to whom your resources can serve. It means you must understand the needs of people that your resources can help them. It is in fact a matching exercise: match your resources to the needs of the market.

Next, you must ask yourself how are you going to deliver the great service to them – your customers.

Then, you must calculate how must does it cost to deliver great service to those customers.

Later, ask them -- your potential customers if they are able to and ready to pay for the cost, including a profit margin, of your great service. If they do, these people or businesses are possibly your niche.

After that, you must take note how many of them can be your customer. If they are sufficient crowded and you serve them well, surely you will make a lot of money. This is called economy of scale.

Delivering great services are the art and science. To achieve greatness, you must work hard, smartly for a very long time. Not 10 thousand hours, but not far from this number.

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