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Learn from Entrepreneurs and Investors

Viết bởi: Lê Quốc Chơn, 16 07 2020

The Investors - Holding Companies are smart. They not only have huge amount of money to invest in many products, business ventures and projects, also they do have brilliant investment analysts who help them evaluate the potential investment targets. Eventually, they pick up only the most profitable ventures and cash in.

Entrepreneurs are those adventurous people; they devote enormous time and effort to start business ventures. Some even sacrifice their personal life to work on the businesses. Once, these start-ups proven to be viable and profitable, the dinosaur investors flock in. What do these investors have? Money. Money gives them power to choose, select, pick the best among numerous start-ups.

Students should learn from both world: entrepreneurs and investors. The former teaches about venturous spirit. They motivate young people to face challenges, to work hard with perseverance.  The latter teaches strategic planning and investment. They show techniques and strategies how to evaluate and choose the best investment targets. One more thing that student should learn is to build, accumulate, gather financial capital which offer the power to choose and to pick the best.

Those are learnable knowledge and skills. Since it takes very long time and immense amount of effort to learn, one must choose what to learn so that the learning objective matches well with personal value.

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