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Learn to write simple sentences in English

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon, 05 09 2021

Simple sentence

A simple sentence has one subject-verb pair. The subject tells who or what did something, while the verb tells the action (eat, work, run) or condition (is, are, was, seem, appear).


Filmmaker Goeorge Lucas has changed the film industry in many ways.

One new technology was a special computer-assisted camera crane.

Sentence formulas

The Star Wars movies were international hits.(S+V)

Young people and adults enjoyed them.(SS+V)

The films entertained and thrilled audiences everywhere.(S+VV)

Luke Skywalker and his friends battled evil and made us laugh at the same time.(SS+VV)

As usual, the subject always agrees with the verb.

My sister is married. (singular)

My sisters are married. (plural)

My brother and I are single. (plural)

Time to write some more sentences

My parents live in the countryside.

My cousin Peter reads newspaper everyday.

My sister and I play chess every weekend.

I watch TV and listen to music at night in my bed room.

The covid-19 destroys the economy and makes many people sick.

TV and the internet distract teenagers from schoolwork and damage their academic performance.

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