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Nourish your desire to succeed

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon, 19 11 2022

Sadly, but it is the truth that many of us are not successful in life. Our life is not fulfilling, not satisfied. I wonder why this happens?

The answer lies in our desire in life. Most of us have positive desires in life, but all of them seem just weak desires. They are not burning desire which can push us forward. This is the main reason we have a boring life.

To live successfully, we must possess or somehow nourish a kind of desire that is burning, that can trigger us into taking actions, to do hard work and persevere no matter what the difficulties. However, then the desire is weak, we can still embark on some projects but the energy inside us dissipate over time and we lose the enthusiams doing the work involved. Finally, we question ourselves against the worthiness of the projects and give them up in the end.

This process, from the beginning of a project to giving it up, repeats many times in life and our time is gone. We are at the last days on Earth doing nothing fulfilling.

The key to success in life, I believe is to nourish a desire, whether it is for Art, Science, Engineering, Business, Philanthropy, Politics… until it becomes a burning desire, which is so strong that we become obsessive with it, thinking about it constantly, even when we are asleep our mind is working on them. Otherwise, we will live a normal life. Surely, if normal life is what you want, it is just fine.

A desire needs to be strong over several years that keep us stick to it because as you all know; good things take time to develop and grow into maturity.

We don’t know how desire emerge until we find that we have them. Experience must play important role. Diverse experience in life, especially when we are young is critical in helping us discover our true desire. Desire is like a plant, it needs nutrients and support, time and hardwork to grow and turn into real things.

And let’s end with Steve Job’s words: Stay hungry and stay foolish.

Find and nourish your desire.

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