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Optimal conditions to live, to learn and grow

Viết bởi: Lê Quốc Chơn, 14 01 2021

We use the initial input (raw materials) to process and produce new things and new concepts, ideas (outcome). Given the fix genetic materials that we inherit from our parents, the quality and greatness of this outcome depends on the quality of input.

To improve the quality and quantity of outcome, we ought to receive the optimal input materials, stimuli and experiences including quality, quantity, and frequency. In addition, we must live in an optimal condition to be healthy and ensure that the environment has valuable stimuli that trigger the greatness in ourselves, push the adaptation ability of us as a human being to the limit and beyond.

Science has proven that the living condition affects gene expression (Lobo 2008). This condition includes external environment and internal environment, which can turn a gene on or off, influences how we grow and develop.

We are the product of this world, a complex combination of matter and energy, function synergistically and automatically as we called ourselves a living organism. We must take advantages of the environment to get the best out of it: obtain optimal input and use our best machine – brain to turn out the greatness products, a proof of our unique and valuable existence.

Students should learn in this optimal condition, to nourish their whole body and mind, for them to grow and develop, to innovate and to take up challenges that stretch their abilities to the limit. The world must find a way to extract the best in each individual on Earth, to make this world more beautiful, more wonderful and a better place.



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