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Should we go to university?

Viết bởi: Lê Quốc Chơn, 17 11 2020

My students at secondary schools asked whether they should go to university. They said that some people are awfully successful even though they did not possess a university degree.

This was my answer:

You were right. A few exceptional individuals did not need a university degree to succeed in life. For instance, Bill Gate or the owner of Facebook. As I mentioned, however, this number of people is small. Besides, not all of us is exceptional. Those are successful without university degree because their competences then were so advanced in comparison to others in their generation. They were good enough to create huge value for society. In short, they had available capability at the right time and the right place to start big venture.

If you consider yourself to be genius or exceptional, you’re able to create truly values for others on earth, then go ahead, skipping University learning. Make sure that you have a better plan than going to university and devote yourself to your plan, execute your plan and make your dream come true.

You should also notice that far more people succeed thanks to learning at University. Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Nicolas Tesla, or many famous professors, doctors, lawyers, businessmen and politicians. There are enough examples to fill an encyclopedia just to illustrate the usefulness of university.

Statistic data also shows that those who got university degree earn higher income than those without university degree. The gap is about 30 to 40%. This is just one of the advantages of attending university.

Another advantage is building personal and professional relationship. Going to university not only broaden your mind and perspective, this environment help you build strong and sustained relationships. Many find their partners and life-long friends at university.  

In addition, parents with university degree are in more advantageous position to help their children succeed. If you learn well, your achievement will affect how you nourish your children. It means learning at university has a cross generation positive effect.  

I did not want to convince you to go to university, but you should mind the advantages of attending university. And more importantly, you ought to have a better choice than going to university to do with your life if you want to stay out of University.

Steve Job said our life is limited, don’t live others’ life. You must get your priorities right.

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