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The principle of building wealth

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon, 02 12 2022

The principle of building wealth is ownership of assets which increase value over time. The increased amount must be larger than the cost of owning the assets. To own asssets, one must acquire them by three main ways:

Way 1: Work and earn high salary, then invest at least 30% of your income into assets such as stocks, real estate properties, etc.

In this case, you truly love your work and find satisfaction in your work. You feel happy and money is not a big priority to you. You just want to focus on doing good work, building your career. By the way, you earn decent income. To improve your quality of life and your family by increasing your income but do not want to be distracted from your work, the best method is you invested in safe and money-generating assets. By doing this, you work peacefully and focused, simultaneously your money works for you.

Way 2: Create tremendous value for the marketplace by building your own business, technology, products…whatever you are capable of.

If you love money and money is one important factor in your life, you devote a considerable part of your lifetime making money. You build and grow your business, turning it into truly big corporation with million dollars in profit or more. You become a wealthy entrepreneur or businessperson.

However sometime people start a business not to make money, but to solve a problem. And a business system is required to get work done. So, a business is born. Because they care about specific problems in society, they work hard and persistent over many years. The end result is that they satisfy with what they have been doing and make a ton of money aside.

Oftentimes you love doing something as making art or writing book, developing technology and accidentally your product turn out to be extremely valuable in the marketplace, as a result you become wealthy after selling it or build a business around your product.

Way 3: Inherit assets from family. This way is passive whereas the other two are active.

All cases are good as long as you genuinely happy. Some people devote their life to their craft. Others who walk life building a business which is considered as art too. Our society needs businesses to maintain social structure and the lifestyle of its members. The GOOD WORK of Craftsman inspires and brings hope to our spirit. The GOOD WORK of Businesspeople maintains our contemporary lifestyle – they are the backbone of our society.
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