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Two main types of work on Earth to maintain our society

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon, 13 12 2022

Most of us must work to live a good life. What do we do and how do we work depends on each person, but the work we do can be categorized into two types:

Type 1: Create things (products or services.)

Type 2: Bring things to customers.

Each type seems to demand different set of skills and knowledge. For instance, artists, writers, inventors, scientists…they are good at create new things, but not excellent at selling things (bring things to customers). There may be many reasons for this, but the most important reason is that they are busy creating that they don’t have time and energy to bring their things to customers. Furthermore, they may not concern much about who are going to use or benefit from their things. Possibly, they work not to become rich, instead, they devote their lives to the arts of making beautiful, elegant, and even powerful things.

The second type, on the contrary, are not good at creating new things, maybe they don’t have kinds of competences necessary to invent new things. So, they offer their time, energy and effort to bring beautiful, useful and entertaining things to customers – they are manufacturing, selling, distributing, delivering things to customers.

So, we can see clearly the pattern here. One kind of people create things to solve problems, to promote hope, spirit in the world. And the other kind bring these inventions to as many customers as possible. It seems that for the first kind of people, original and useful and beautiful are the key criteria in their work. On the other hand, for the second kind of people, the scale and efficiency are the most important criteria in their work.

Both types of work are essential to maintain the world – our social structure and functioning.

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