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When should we quit our job?

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon, 30 11 2022

In life, you may stumble on different jobs which are:

  1. Interesting and lucrative
  2. Interesting and make decent money
  3. Interesting and make not enough money to sustain your work, neither to support your family.
  4. Boring and lucrative
  5. Boring and make decent money
  6. Boring and make not enough money to support your family.

If you are in situation 1, you have struck gold.

If you are in situation 2, you are lucky.

In situation 3, you must find a way to sustain your life and family if it is possible. Otherwise, the likelihood that you quit your job is rather high.

If you are in situation 4, it is reasonable to continue for a while until you can adjust your work to be more interesting.

Situation 5 and 6 are not worth continuing your work. Quit!  

In life, if our desire to something is not burning, we need more external stimulants to keep us at a specific work. Financial reward is one significant factor that chain people to one definite career. Some unusual individuals only work on interesting work no matter what happen to them. Living in poverty and loneliness do not matter much to them.

Most of us, however, are not exceptional or unusual; we need money, liked-mind fellows, praise and comfortable environment, just to mention a few of them, to keep us at work. Wisely select your work that genuinely satisfies yourself is fine as it is totally human.

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