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Why people stick to one job over many years even a lifetime

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon, 18 04 2022

Because the reward from that job sufficiently satisfies them or they do not know any other job that is better.

I have met different people like that. One lady has sold bananas over 50 years in a 5-meter-square store. I asked her why she has stayed on that job for so long. She answered that it provides enough for her family, 5 children and her husband. Another lady has sold rice crepes with sauce over 20 years on street, and she has been a nomadic seller. This lady said she did not have better choice, so she sticks with it over such a long time.

Last year I also met a 70-year-old man and his 40-year-job is selling lottery on street. How can he stay on that job for so long? He said it offers him freedom, even though the financial reward is very slim. Besides, he does not have well-paid competence when he was young.

How about Jeff Bezos, back in the beginning of 1990s, he worked in financial company and made a lot of money. For many people, that job must be very good and those who have should stick with it as long as possible. But not for Jeff. He wants different things, more exciting and bigger games and possibly bigger reward as well. So, he quited the well-paying job and started Amazon. He wants something that the old job could not satisfy his appetite and he know better choice and he is an able man.

In fact, if we compare the level of difficulty of many jobs, they are more or less similar. But one job rewards much higher than the other. The reason people stay on one job over many years because they do not know better choice. It seems to me the perception of each person is limited and narrowed by our experiences.

Therefore, if children have rich experiences, their mind is ready for many options in life and it may also help them choose a good fit for their personality and talent, and live satisfactorily.

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